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The Coldwell Banker Schmitt Charitable Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt, non-profit corporation. Since its inception in April 2002, the Foundation has raised more than $3,500,000.00 and assisted more than 2,500 individuals and local organizations. It is through the generosity of Coldwell Banker Schmitt real estate agents, associates, business partners, affiliates and our friends and neighbors, we are able to help residents of The Keys whose critical needs are not being met through other means. These funds are distributed in Monroe County to bridge a financial gap caused by some unfortunate, yet temporary, situation.
     100% of the contributions made to the Foundation are distributed in the Florida Keys, with no administrative costs borne by the Foundation. Gifting is based on need and each request for funds is reviewed and researched before it reaches the Foundation board for a vote.


Moving Forward by Giving Back

Helping those in need in the Florida Keys...